Thank you for visiting my teacher page!  I hope you enjoy learning about the Director of Individualized Instruction position.  I also hope you find the resources that I offer to be informative and helpful. 
As the Director of Individualized Instruction, I function as both a Resource Teacher and member of the Academic Leadership Team (ALT).  Responsibilities of this position include the following:
  • Lead the Individualized Instruction Program (IIP), including strategic planning, management, and vision
  • Provide instruction, either remedial or enrichment, to small groups (2-4) of students or 1:1, when possible, as part of a pull-out model
  • Assist classroom teachers in providing extra support as part of a push-in model
  • Collaborate with Principal Schmitt, the ALT, classroom teachers, and/or parents to create support plans for students with diverse learning needs
  • Develop and case manage more comprehensive support plans, namely 504 Accommodation Plans, for students with a diagnosed learning and/or medical disability
  • Administer EasyCBM (Curriculum-Based Measure) benchmarking and progress monitoring assessments to students
  • Communicate student progress to parents
  • Collaborate with other IIP teachers regarding curriculum, instruction, and student progress
  • Consult with classroom teachers about differentiating instruction to meet diverse learning needs
  • Act as a liaison between SFS and District 95 to facilitate the Problem-Solving process and participate in all meetings as related to this process


Asking Questions During Reading

The 3rd and 4th grade reading enrichment groups are learning the difference between "thin" and "thick" questions and applying this strategy to their own reading.  We use the students' questions as a starting point during our group discussions. 
The kindergarten math enrichment group is having fun exploring the concept of "1 more," "l less," "10 more," "10 less."
Fractions can be tricky, but hands-on manipulatives can make understanding fractions a little easier!  These 3rd graders are using fraction strips and number lines to help them see the parts of a whole. 
Students had fun purchasing new books at the Follet Book Fair this past Friday!  Many thanks to the SFS PTO for hosting this great event. 
Had fun working in Miss Breslin's room during math centers.  In this center, students are taking turns answering questions about place value.