St. Francis requires that all students (K-8th grade) wear uniforms. To order uniforms online, please visit Dennis Uniform.

Dennis Uniform Contact
1141 N Main St.

Lombard, IL 60148
Phone: (630) 932-7171

Uniform Changes - 2020-2021 School Year
A new version of the uniform will be available for purchase, from Dennis Uniform, on June 3, 2020. The current version of the uniform can be purchased through the end of the 2019-2020 school year. SFS will grandfather the current uniform for one year. By the 2021-2022 year, students will be required to wear the new version of uniform. 

By June 2020, Dennis Uniform will provide new samples to preview during this transition. Gym uniforms will remain the same as far as logo placement, color, and price. The difference will be the new school logo. The everyday school uniform options will feature new, larger SFS initials and will cost slightly more.

Uniform Requirements

Uniform Shorts and Shirts: Uniform shorts may be worn by both boys and girls until November 15 and beginning again after spring break. Boys may wear white, royal blue, and gold polo shirts with their shorts. Girls may wear white jersey polo shirts, or if a white turtleneck or uniform blouse is worn, the uniform vest must also be worn. Girls may wear blue or plaid shorts. Shorts must be appropriate length: no shorter than 3 inches above the knee.

Sweatshirts: There are four choices of uniform sweatshirts, which may be worn every day, but students must wear uniform shirt/blouse/turtleneck underneath. The sweatshirt cannot be worn in place of the gym shirt. The shirt must be seen on the outside of the sweatshirt.

Gym Uniforms: All students MUST wear gym uniforms and proper gym shoes for all gym classes. Platform gym shoes and gym shoes that leave marks on the floor are not permitted. Grades K-8 must wear their gym uniforms to school on gym days. Solid navy blue sweats can be worn under the gym uniform. St. Francis uniform sweats can be worn over the gym uniform.

Shoes: Students should wear closed shoes that are laced at all times for safety reasons. Sandals and open back shoes are not permitted (on out-of-uniform days also).

Socks: Navy blue or white socks are permitted. Navy blue or white tights or leggings are also permitted for girls. Peds that cannot be seen above the shoe are not considered socks and are not allowed.

Used Uniform Sale
Three times per year SFS holds a used uniform sale in August, January, and May.