Individualized Instruction

Individualized Instruction Program


At St. Francis de Sales, we strive for academic excellence.  To achieve that goal, we have supports in place for students demonstrating the need for additional practice, particularly in the area of reading, for students in grades K-4.


We utilize a small-group, pull-out Resource model in grades K-4 to address unfinished learning in reading decoding and/or comprehension and to provide learning opportunities that are at the student's instructional level.  Small groups typically range in size from 2-6 students and meet 2 times per week.  As students approach or reach grade-level reading benchmarks, it may be recommended that they exit the small group. Communication with families regarding student progress and participation in the small group is ongoing throughout the year, especially after the i-Ready assessments that are administered in the fall, winter, and spring. 


Starting in grade 5, we offer a Resource period that takes the place of Spanish where students have the opportunity for individualized academic and organizational support. 


Additional Support


Individualized Catholic Support Plans (ICSP's) are developed by St. Francis for students who are eligible for accommodations in the general education setting.  In order to be eligible for an ICSP, documentation stating the identified learning disability or medical impairment and the need for classroom accommodations is required by St. Francis.  Documentation can include a neuropsychological evaluation, doctor's note, or an Eligibility Report from a public school district.  


A small number of students at St. Francis also receives speech and language services once-a-week on-site from a District 95 Speech-Language Pathologist. Eligibility for these services is determined by District 95 through their evaluation process.  If you have any questions or concerns about your child's speech and language development, a good starting point is to talk to your child's classroom teacher.