St. Francis de Sales Recognized as a Digital Citizenship Certified School

St. Francis de Sales is now recognized as a Digital Citizenship Certified School by teaching our students to participate and behave responsibly online. For further support and resources to continue in the efforts of making your child a Digital Citizen, click here.

St. Francis de Sales Responsible Use Policy 2016-17

At St. Francis de Sales Parish School, we recognize the need to equip students with the skills and resources necessary to succeed in our ever-changing, globally-connected world. We envision technology as supportive of our school's mission to promote educational excellence in a Catholic environment and offer opportunities for students to attain their full potential. We view the integration of technology into the curriculum as critical to the current and future success of our students academically, personally, and professionally.

Our goal is to create a solid technological foundation upon which we can build an exciting and enriching educational experience for the students to successfully transition to high school and beyond.

Thanks to a $200,000 grant from the Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Foundation and the St. Francis PTO fundraising efforts, St. Francis de Sales Parish School has built a solid technological foundation upon which to build and expand our capabilities. For example:

  • High volume wireless network (dual-band 802.11ac) implemented
  • State of the art network security included
  • Upgrade and consolidation of servers in process, including virtualization
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) initiative to enable efficient and responsible device management

Our technological footprint has also expanded and improved the individual computing experience of everyone at the school. This includes infusing digital content and interactive learning into the curriculum. The following highlights milestones achieved to date:

  • Equipped each faculty member with Chromebook or iPad
  • Increased the access to digital tools and content at all the grade levels
    • 6th - 8th grades: 1:1 Chromebook initiative
    • K-5th grades: Began iPad station rollout, 2nd & 4th grades in 2015, remainder in 2016
    • Added additional computer lab sessions for PreK-5th grades
    • Added computer stations to 4th/5th grade classrooms
    • Equipped each core classroom with Promethean (White) boards & projectors
    • Retooled the school's primary computer lab
  • Added Middle School classroom for project-based interactive & student centered learning
  • Created Google Apps for Education accounts for all staff and 4th-8th grade students

To ensure a successful transition for adopting new and appropriate technological resources, by both students and staff, we introduced the following support systems:

  • St. Benedict Technology Consortium IT support staff on site 2 times per week
  • Ongoing Professional Development
    • I.C.E. (Illinois Computing for Educators) Conference - faculty attendance and participation
    • Google Classroom tools - individual and group training
    • Curriculum development using Technology - individual and group training for faculty
  • Education based Apps at all learning levels to include home access to IXL (English) and Mathletics for additional at home online academic support
  • Edline tools for communication between school, parents and students
  • Technology consultant resource available as needed
  • Responsible use training for students/parents and staff with published policy

St. Francis de Sales Parish School will continually evaluate and integrate new technologies that increase the interactive learning capabilities of our classrooms, allowing for differentiated learning at all achievement levels that support curriculum goals. This helps ensure that students receive an education that not only equips them with the core competencies, but supports their need to adopt new learning tools that help them flourish and compete in a global economy during a rapidly changing technological world.