Students in preschool and kindergarten through fourth grade visit the library once a week. During this time, they check books out and explore the many opportunities the library has to offer. New books are acquired through the PTO Adopt-a-Book Program and through funding from PTO-sponsored Book Fairs.


St. Francis de Sales students in 4 yr old PreSchool - Kindergarten attend a Technology class once a week, grades 1-8 attend twice a week. The Technology curriculum focuses on teaching the students to be good digital citizens. PreSchool and Kindergarten students focus on computer usage, primarily mouse and introductory keyboard skills. In 1-5th grades, the students gain real world skills in keyboarding, word processing, presentation, drawing and spreadsheet software applications. They also learn about computer science, through coding and robotics units. In 6th - 8th grades, the students have a stronger focus on computer science utilizing Scratch, CS First and code.org Computer Science Discoveries curriculum. 7th grade focuses on web development using HTML and CSS and 8th grade focuses on game development using javascript.


The Spanish language program at St. Francis de Sales begins in the first grade. In the earlier grades, children learn basic vocabulary such as numbers, colors, days of the week, and greetings. As the grades progress, vocabulary is increased, and verb conjugations are introduced. By eighth grade, students have developed skills in the three modes of communication; Interpersonal, Interpretive and Presentational. The students have also become familiar with the communities and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. Spanish is taught once a week in grades 1-3, twice a week in 4th grade, three times a week in 5th grade and 4 days a week in 6th, 7th & 8th grades.


Art is offered from Kindergarten through eighth grade. Through age-appropriate activities, children learn how works of art are produced. Students learn the language of art through an understanding of the sensory elements, organizational principles and expressive qualities in art. Our students also learn the role of art in past and present civilizations.


Our Music program is offered to students in preschool through fifth grade. Students learn age-appropriate vocal techniques, music notation, and pitched and unpitched musical instruments through a variety of experiences including: singing in groups; performing using instruments like hand drums, rhythm sticks and shakers; and improvising short melodies combining percussion and movement. Some of the highlights parents enjoy from our Music program include development of a class cheer/song for our Spirit Day celebration and the preschool through fifth grade Christmas program.


Physical Education

Our Physical Education program is offered to students in preschool through eighth grade. Our goal is to promote the understanding of physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Students learn cooperation, sportsmanship, leadership, respect, and safety through age-appropriate sports activities. Should students wish to further their awareness of a given sport, St. Francis de Sales offers a variety of extracurricular activities through our Athletic Program.


The St. Francis de Sales band program is contracted through Music Education Services. All children have the opportunity to join the school band beginning in 4th grade. In September, students in grades 4th & 5th attend a performance during which all of the band instruments are demonstrated and explained. Students then have the chance to try two instruments as part of a hands-on exploration of their interests.

The band students play three evening concerts throughout the year, combining with more than 150 other students from six local Catholic schools; and participate in both a solo festival and an honor band festival. Band students from St. Francis de Sales have gone on to be successful musicians at Lake Zurich HS, Stevenson HS, and Carmel HS.