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Welcome to the St. Francis de Sales Parish School Alumni Association. As the years go by, many graduates have inquired as to the development of an Alumni Association. Because of the strong connections to St. Francis de Sales, an Alumni Association will be helpful in strengthening our alumni's communications with our school and parish, reuniting former classmates and supporting the parish school today.

Currently, we are searching for St. Francis alumni who wish to be a part of the Alumni Association. There is no cost or commitment - only a desire to maintain a connection to St. Francis. One of the first goals of the Alumni Association is to develop an e-newsletter that will feature updates on St. Francis happenings, stories about our alumni as well as upcoming events and/or reunions.

Those who wish to share their time and ideas with the Alumni Association can do so by offering to be leaders in the recruitment of fellow classmates. Participants from all years are encouraged to volunteer.

Please use the interactive form below to register. In the message section, please include the year you graduate from St. Francis de Sales. If you are interested in recruiting fellow classmates, please indicate within the message box as well. Those who are inclined are also encouraged to share where they are now - career, family, etc. We look forward to hearing from you! (We encourage former and current St. Francis de Sales teachers to register as well!) All for one and one for all in Jesus Christ!

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