Q: What are the benefits of sending my child to St. Francis de Sales Parish School?

A: St. Francis de Sales Parish School enables students and faculty alike to achieve academic excellence, discover and develop individual potential and challenge each other to live our Catholic lives. Sending your child to our school benefits him/her through this balance of learning based on our strong academic programs, co-curricular activities and guided spiritual endeavors.

Our philosophy affirms each child as an individual gifted by God and supports the development of these gifts. Teaching our children to build community is a prime goal. We teach the respect of diversity, helping students to build a value system that responds to the call for a more just, peaceful society.

Q: What about the academic program? How will St. Francis de Sales Parish School prepare my child for high school and beyond?

A: All of our students graduate and are accepted into such high schools as Carmel, Lake Zurich, St. Viator, Stevenson, Barrington, Mundelein, Wauconda, Regina, and Loyola Academy. Ninety-eight percent of our graduates go on to college and have attended such schools as: University of Illinois, Notre Dame, Northwestern, University of Chicago, Vanderbilt, MIT, Duke, Drake, Purdue, Marquette and many others.

This is the result of a child-centered curriculum that emphasizes subject areas recognized as vital for the development of the whole person in a changing society. Academic studies include: language arts, religion, mathematics (including algebra and geometry), reading, social studies, science, Spanish (starting in second grade), computers, music (vocal and instrumental), art and physical education. Our students demonstrate their academic preparation through their participation in competitions and programs such as: Spelling Bees, Geography Bees, Science Fairs, Math Counts, Speech Contest and an Academic Bowl. Mathletics, a 10 month based program is used for grades 1-8.

St. Francis de Sales Parish School is a fully recognized educational institute in the State of Illinois and received Archdiocesan re-certification in 2014-15. In 2007, St. Francis de Sales Parish School was recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, a distinction only the top 10% of schools in the country receive.

Q: What about your technology program?

A: St. Francis de Sales Parish School recognizes the need to prepare students for success in an ever-changing, globally-connected world. Not only do we provide our students with updated technological resources, but we teach them how to use these resources responsibly to advance their education.

In 2010, our network capabilities were enhanced and expanded and new computers were installed in the primary computer lab. The newly rebuilt lab is capable of supporting 35 students at once, offering each student access to an individual, new computer. These computers have the latest Web experience tools and select multimedia content manipulation products. In addition, each classroom has a computer to provide both the teachers and students with computer and Internet access. Our computers are kept current with the latest office productivity and information security products.

Each classroom at St. Francis de Sales is equipped with student computers and a Promethean/Smart Board. When combined with the desktop computer and upgraded network, teachers are able to integrate digital multimedia and interactive Web-based learning into their lessons.

The K-3 technology curriculum introduces the children to the computer and computer literacy. Grades four and five focus on the development of keyboarding skills and utilize various software packages to assist in the learning of other subjects. Grades six through eight introduce the use of productivity software including Microsoft Office. File structure, desktop management and computer terminology are studied. Ethics are presented and discussed throughout all of our technology programs.

Students is grades 6-8 have their own Chrome books. Students is grade 2nd and 4th have I-pad access. During the 2016-2017 school year all students will have access to individual technology tools.

Q: How do St. Francis de Sales students perform on standardized tests?

A: Like all schools in the Archdiocese, St. Francis de Sales Parish School uses the Aspire test because of its focus on national education standards. Archdiocesan policy requires testing in grades three, five and seven. St. Francis de Sales has chosen to test the students in every grade to help map out a course of improvement for each student and to more effectively evaluate our curriculum. Our students perform significantly better than national averages on these tests.

Q: What kind of financial aid is available?

A: Financial assistance is available through the Firnbach Foundation to families who have been in the school at least one year.

Q: What kind of religious education program is available at St. Francis de Sales Parish School?

A: Every student at St. Francis de Sales receives religious instruction daily. The goals for the various levels of instruction are based on the developmental needs of the children and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. The curriculum and textbooks are updated every six years.

The religious education program of the school is the core reason for its existence, therefore the foundation of this faith instruction permeates every curriculum area. Service to the community is stressed as a responsibility of our faith. Students visit nursing homes and soup kitchens, support our sharing parish and the missions, and assist various groups within the parish, such as the seniors, as well as their younger classmates.

The children have many opportunities to prepare and participate in Liturgies, prayer services and special religious programs.

Q: What are the qualifications of your faculty?

A: All of the St. Francis de Sales teachers have Bachelor's degrees. They are either certified or have specialized degrees. Teachers attend six in-service days each year as a minimum and the majority attends additional workshops and classes. Many teachers have Master's degrees. Five teachers have been nominated for the Golden Apple Award. The average teacher has been at St. Francis de Sales at least 14 years.

Q: What kind of extracurricular programs do you offer?

A: St. Francis de Sales Parish School offers a variety of extracurricular programs. Athletic opportunities include basketball, flag football, volleyball, track, cross country, and softball. In addition, plays and musicals are key events at St. Francis de Sales. Clubs include: Art Club, Band, Cantor Club, Chess Club, Drama Club, National Junior Honor Society, Science Club, Singing for Service, Spanish Club, Student Council, and 7th & 8th Grade Scholastic Bowls.

Q: Do you offer before- or after-school care programs?

A: We offer before and after-school care programs for all grade levels including Preschool. They are run by St. Francis de Sales staff members.

Q: How are parents/guardians involved in St. Francis de Sales Parish School?

A: Parents and guardians are an integral facet of our school. They are involved in the spiritual and educational mission of the school. They participate in the Sacramental preparation programs, attend weekly Liturgies and volunteer as Eucharistic Ministers. Parents/guardians also celebrate our Catholic heritage at the Stations of the Cross, the Catholic Schools Week Liturgy and the Christmas programs, all with our children.

In the educational sphere, they are room parents, flash card helpers, center helpers, art volunteers, field trip chaperones, hot lunch volunteers, playground assistants and coaches.

Parents are involved in the administration and function of the school through the School Board, PTO, Athletic Board, receptionists and long-range planning and marketing.

Q: How do I register my child?

A: Open registration is held during Catholic Schools Week each January. Registration is open year-round for all new and returning students. To register online, click here.