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2nd Grade Newsletter

Hello and welcome to 2nd grade!
This page is where you will find information about what your kiddos have been up to.  I will post weekly newsletters with specifics about each of our subject areas.  Look for an email over the weekend (usually Sunday's) from me about the week to come.  This page will be linked in the email.  
As always, if you have any questions please let me know!
Here is what we've been up to this week:
Superkids: The students were introduced to their new Superkids materials and routines.  Each morning we decode, practice memory and spelling words, learn new phonics skills and read a story.  Coming up soon, we will begin small groups where I will work with the students on specific needs and/or skills.  In writing, the students are reviewing the two parts of a sentence - naming and telling.  They are also learning how to put ideas together using the word "and".
Math: We are reviewing first grade strategies and skills to ensure that the kiddos have them fresh in their minds before beginning our 2nd grade material.  Currently we are practicing ways to make 10.  The students are using 10 frames, number bonds and counters or cubes to help them solve problems.  They are also practicing how to share their thinking with a partner.
Science and Social Studies: The 2nd graders have been introduced to each subject.  In Science we are learning about classifying animals and in Social Studies we are learning about communities.
Religion: We are learning that Church welcomes us.  Again we focus on the topic of community which pairs nicely with our Social Studies.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Mrs. H
Newsletter: Week of August 22nd - 26th 
Superkids: This week we will prepare to start centers.  Centers are group rotations where the students will be engaging in various activities to practice the skills we are learning in whole group lessons.  The groups are flexible and students may change every so often.  We will spend time practicing each center to be sure the students know the directions and expectations.
Math: We will continue with Lesson 0 which is a review of 1st grade material.  Once finished, we will begin Lesson 1 - Mental Math Strategies for Addition.  The students will begin to receive homework, but never on Friday. 
Science and Social Studies; In Science we will continue working on our Animal Adventures unit.  We will spend the week learning how to group animals (i.e. reptiles, mammals, lays eggs, etc.)  Friday we will extend this idea with animals that the students bring in from home!  If your child would like to bring in a stuffed animal or toy of a real animal, we will organize them into groups based on their characteristics.
In Social Studies we will continue our study of community.  The students are learning the specifics of a community so they will be able to create their own community at the end of the unit.
Religion: We will continue learning that we are People of God and that the Church welcomes us as People of God.  We will also learn about Matthew the Apostle.
Have a great week!
Mrs. H
Newsletter: Week of August 29 - September 2
Superkids: This week we are finishing our review unit and will have our spelling quiz tomorrow (Tuesday).  This quiz will be done as a class to review expectations and learn the routine.  Wednesday we will begin our first 2nd grade unit.  We have been reviewing center routines and will begin small group with the start of our first unit on Wednesday.  
Math: This week we are continuing to work on Lesson 1.  Our sessions this week are still focused on mental math strategies for addition.  We will have our first quiz on Thursday.  Again, the quiz will be done whole group to ensure that the students are familiar with expectations.  The most important thing on a math quiz is showing their work.  I want to make sure I understand their thinking while solving a problem.
Science and Social Studies: In Science we have finished the first lesson of our Animal Adventures unit and will move on to lesson 2 - Habitat Diversity: Why would a wild animal visit a playground?  In Social Studies we will continue our study of communities with the students joining together to make their own communities.
Religion: This week we will learn about Baptism.  We will be able to explain the effects of Baptism and identify ways to bring God's light to others.
Thank you for your patience!  Have a great week!
Mrs. H 
Week of September 5th - September 9th
Superkids: This week we are finishing unit 1 week 1 and will begin unit 1 week 2.  We will have a spelling quiz on Wednesday, September 7th.  Please remember to have your child practice their spelling words each night.  Here are the words again: me, my, she, her, he, his, we, our, they, their, you, your
Math: In math we will begin Lesson 2: Using mental math strategies for subtraction.  Your child will learn how to count on to subtract and make a 10 to subtract, among other strategies.  The students will take their quiz on Friday.  This quiz will be done on their own, but I will read the questions aloud.  The 2nd graders will be asked to show their work for each problem.
Science and Social Studies: We are moving right along with our Animal Adventures and Community units.  These units are hands on and collaborative which the students really enjoy!
Religion: The students will take their Chapter 2 Baptism quiz on Monday.  Starting Tuesday the students will begin Chapter 3: Our Church Shows Us How to Live.  In this chapter we will learn about heroes and saints.
Looking Ahead:
Monday, September 5th - No School
Thursday, September 8th - Curriculum Night 6:00 - 7:30
All the best,
Mrs. H
Week of September 12th - 16th
Superkids: Here are the spelling words for the week: who, what, why, where, there, here, were, are, be, have, do, how
The students will be assessed on these words on Wednesday.  This week we will also be learning and using contractions and homonyms.  In writing we will continue writing letters and practicing the letter writing format.  
Math: Monday we will review our lessons in subtraction.  If the students seem confident we will proceed with the lesson quiz.  However, if it seems we need some additional time to review, we will have the quiz on Tuesday.  Our next lesson will be, Solving One Step Word Problems.
Science and Social Studies: In Science we will continue our animal unit.  This week we are learning more about the sounds that animals make and why.  In Social Studies we are learning the difference between the three types of communities: urban, rural, and suburban.
Religion: We will continue with Chapter 3.  We have discussed who are heroes are and will talk more about Saints.
Looking Ahead: 
Monday, September 12th: Dollars for Dining at Culvers
Tuesday, September 13th: Picture Day
September 22nd and 23rd: Parent Teacher Conferences - more to come!
Important Info:
*I will place the Scholastic orders at the end of the week.  If you would like to order, please have your orders in by Friday.  Thank you!
*We will begin taking our Ipads home on Tuesday and Friday.  The students are expected to complete two reading and two math lessons on their personalized Iready path.  When the Ipads go home on Tuesday, they are not expected to do all 4 lessons.  They can do one if they choose and if they don't get to it, that's fine.  They go home on Friday as well so there is more time to get the lessons completed.  I will check in the following Monday to see that the lessons are complete. I also plan to use one of our enrichment periods (if possible) to get one of their lessons done...this means one less to do at home.  I will send home username and passwords on Monday.
Please reach out with any questions!
Mrs. H
Week of September 19th - 23rd
Superkids: This week the students will wrap up unit 2 week 1.  We will have our spelling quiz on Wednesday.  Again, the spelling words are: handle, middle, ring, strong, want, look, come, any, some, very, new, good.  After this week, we will be on a Monday - Friday schedule.  Yay!
Math: The kiddos will finish their current lesson, Solve One Step Problems, and will have a quiz on Wednesday.  The comparison problems have proven to be a bit tricky so we will take an extra day and review how to solve these problems step by step.
Science and Social Studies: We are continuing with our animals and communities units.  In Social Studies, we are digging deeper into each type of community; the characteristics and what it is like to live in those communities.  In Science, we are continuing to learn about animals and their habitats.
Religion: This week we will begin our Growing with God lessons.  
Looking Ahead:
Thursday, September 22nd: Early Dismissal (12:00) and parent teacher conferences (1:00 - 7:00pm). 
There is no bussing.  
*I am unable to see who signs up for what time.  Please comment your child's name in the comment box so I know who to expect.  Thank you!  
Friday, September 23rd: No School - Parent Teacher Conferences 8:00am - 3:00pm
As always, please reach out with any questions!
All the best,
Mrs. H
Week of September 26th - 30th
Superkids: The time has come!  We are finally on a Monday through Friday schedule.  Thank you for your patience!  Here are the spelling words for the week: show, now, work, first, down, many, about, over, only, before, would, could
Math: We will begin Lesson 4: Draw and Use Bar Graphs and Picture Graphs.  The students will use graphs to solve word problems.
Science/Social Studies: In Science we are learning about different types of birds and what they eat.  In Social Studies we are wrapping up our communities lessons.  It's almost time for the students to design their own communities!
Religion: We will continue Growing with God.  The students love to spend time with Blaze and have even built him a den out of magnatiles!
Looking Ahead: Spirit Week!
Monday: Patriotic Day
Tuesday: Tie Dye Day
Wednesday: Sports Jersey/Sports Team
Thursday: Wear Green
Friday: Gym Short and Spirit Day t-shirt for Spirit Day!
Thank you!

Mrs. H
Week of October 3rd - October 7th
Superkids: Here are the spelling words for the week: mess, class, buzz, quiz, was, does, doesn't, close, goes, easy, busy, because
We have begun unit 3.  We will be practicing multisyllable words and -ed endings.  Reminder, spelling quizzes are now on Fridays.  
Math: We have our Lesson 4 assessment tomorrow (Tuesday).  We will then begin Lesson 5 - Solve two step word problems
The students will learn how and when to subtract in a comparison word problem.
Science and Social Studies: We will wrap up both units: Animals and Community.  We will have assessments at the end of this week or next week depending on how the students do on the review.  
Religion: We have finished our Growing with God lessons.  We will continue with Chapter 4 - We praise and thank God.  
Looking Ahead: 
Thursday, October 6th - Toy Day!  The students have earned 15 poms and a celebration!  The students may bring 1 small toy/stuffed animal into class to stay at their desk with them.  Please make sure to leave the large items at home :)
Monday, October 10th - No School
October 10th - 14th
Superkids: Although we had Monday off, we will still plan to have our spelling quiz on Friday.  The spelling words are: lifted, lived, pushed, pulled, school, friend, people, outside, more, all, years, should.  
Math: This week the kiddos will finish Lesson 5 and will begin lesson 6.  We will have the quiz on Tuesday after a quick review.  If the students need an extra day, the quiz can be pushed to Wednesday.  This will be communicated to you.  We will the review for the Unit 1 assessment.  This assessment covers all of the lessons we have learned thus far.  We will do a unit review in class and it will be sent home to review.
Science and Social Studies: In Science we are starting our 2nd unit called Plant Adventures.  Our first lesson is about seed dispersal.  The students will create different kinds of "seeds" to drop and see how they travel.  In Social Studies the students will draw their final community.  We will then start talking about Economics. Our inquiry question: How do people decide what they want, and how do they get it?
Religion: We will wrap up Chapter 4.  We will review on Tuesday and have the quiz on Thursday.
Thank you!
Mrs. H
October 17th - October 21st
Superkids: This week we begin Week 1 of Unit 4 in Superkids.  We have r-controlled words this week.  The spelling list is as follows: dark, start, party, storm, forget, morning, dirt, thirsty, under, person, turn, purple.  Our quiz will be Friday. 
Math:  We completed the unit review and I'm so impressed with the kiddos!  It was quite a long quiz and they did great working hard.  This week we will begin Unit 2 Lesson 6: Adding Two Digit Numbers
Science and Social Studies: We will continue with Plant Adventures.  Our next lesson is Water, Sunlight, and Plant Growth: Could a plant survive without light?  Social Studies: This week we will learn more about maps.  We will dig deeper into understanding how to read a map.
Religion: Monday we will have a unit quiz.  The kiddos brought home a review on Friday.  We will review in class again before the quiz.  The rest of the week we will work on Chapter 5 - We Can Choose What is Good: making good choices.
The 2nd graders are doing a great job keeping up with their lessons on IReady.  Each student is required to complete two math lessons and two reading lessons on their learning path for homework each week.
All the best,
Mrs. H
October 24th - 28th
Superkids: This week we begin Week 2 of Unit 4.  We are practicing how to research and write an informational piece about a blue whale.  This week in spelling we are practicing the /er/ sound.  Here is our spelling list for the week: worst, word, worm, worry, early, earth, learn, heard, dollar, sugar, regular, calendar
Math: Monday is our Lesson 6 quiz.  We will review before the quiz and the students will have base 10 blocks to help them add. Our next lesson is Lesson 7: Subtract Two Digit Numbers
Science and Social Studies: We will learn about the parts of a seed and will eventually plant a seed to observe it's growth.  In Social Studies we will learn about Geography.
Religion: This week we will keep discussing our choices.  We have learned about our conscience and free will.  We will have our quiz at the end of the week.
Looking Ahead:
October 31st - Classroom Halloween parties
November 1st - 2A leads mass for All Saints Day
All the best,
Mrs. H
October 31st - November 4th
Superkids: This week we will begin Week 1 of Unit 5.  We will practice words with aw/o/, al/o/, and all /ol/.  Our spelling list is: draw, yawn, awful, fault, august, called, smallest, chalk, walk, talk, today, away
We will finish our informational paragraphs on the Barn Owl, Komodo Dragon, and Arctic Fox.
Math: We will wrap up Lesson 7 with a quiz on Monday.  We will review before the quiz and the students will have 10's and 1's to help them count.  We have been practicing many strategies to subtract 2 digit numbers and many are feeling confident!  Everyone will do great!  The rest of the week we will be working on Lesson 8: Use addition and subtraction strategies to add and subtract.
Science and Social Studies: We will continue to observe our seed and see if we can get a sprout!  In Social Studies we will continue with Geography.  We will learn the difference between a continent and a country, a lake, river, and ocean.
Religion: We did not get to finish our lessons this past week as we worked on our saint instead.  The students learned about Saint Padre Pio.  We made a poster and learned some interesting facts about him. We will share information about him during our mass on Tuesday.  This week we will go back to our lesson and have our quiz.  The students will come home with a chapter review to practice.
Looking Ahead:
Tomorrow, October 31st - Classroom Halloween parties beginning at 12:30
Tuesday, November 1st - 2A leads All Saints Mass 8:30
Friday, November 4th - Picture Retake Day and report cards sent home
Saturday, November 5th - SFS Movie Night
Have a lovely Sunday!
Mrs. H
November 7th - 11th
Superkids: This week we are on Week 2 of Unit 5.  Our spelling words are: boy, enjoy, joined, points, shout, ground, around, crowd, flower, snow, below, yellow.  In writing we will learn to write onomatopoeia.
Math: We will wrap up Lesson 8 and have a quiz on Wednesday.  Thursday we will begin lesson 9 - Solve Word Problems with 2-digit Numbers
Science and Social Studies: In Science we are continuing our study of plants.  We are hoping to have some sprouts when we return on Monday!  In Social Studies we will learn about veterans and do a Veterans Day activity.
Religion: Our kiddos did an amazing job at mass last week.  I am so proud of them!  Congrats to Brady and Olivia on earning the Soaring Eagle!  This week we will begin lessons on God's forgiveness. 
Looking ahead: 
Monday and Tuesday/November 7th and 8th: No Bussing
Mrs. H