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Welcome to 1st Grade!

Hello 1st Grade families!  I am so excited to be your teacher this year! 
This is my 14th year teaching in the primary grades and I am looking forward to this new experience at St. Francis.  I think open communication is key for a successful school year and I look forward to working with all families.  
Let the wonderful memories begin!
Mrs. A


Week of September 7th - 10th

Hello and thank you for your patience as I learn to navigate the St. Francis webpage!


Each week I will post upcoming events and academic activities.  Please read to see what your kiddo is up to!


Superkids (Literacy):

This week the 1st graders will have their first set of spelling words.  From here on out, the students will have weekly spelling tests; each test will contain 10 spelling words and the units memory words.  We practice memory words daily and should be familiar to the students.



In math the students are introduced to doubles and doubles +1.  Doubles facts will help the children to increase fluency when adding numbers.  The kiddos will continue to practice reading the problem, finding important information, and sharing their thoughts and procedures with their shoulder partner.



As we continue to learn about living things, we are watching how a cricket responds to its environment.  We have also planted a variety of bean seeds and are observing if and how they'll grow.   Some of the questions from the students were:

  1. Will they sprout?
  2. How will we know they sprouted?
  3. What will the plants look like?

As we continue to watch them grow we will answer these questions and more.


Social Studies:

The students are learning about being a citizen and how to cooperate in different settings, such as home and school.  They are also learning about rules, laws, rights, and responsibilities.   



As we begin our next chapter we will be exploring Mass.  We will discuss all that we do to prepare for Mass and how we take part in it.