8th Grade


  • Integrate scripture, Catholic doctrine and Tradition, and the Church’s social teachings
  • Understand the Catholic Church by studying its images, history and members
  • Grow in love of Catholic beliefs and rituals and strive to respond to God’s love through Christian morality, service, prayer and witness
  • Develop a relationship with Second grade buddies
  • Plan the Jr. High Advent and Lent prayer services
  • Attends a Carmel retreat

Literature and Language Arts

Use of literature anthology and supplemental large works to cultivate an appreciation of quality writing through the study of nonfiction and fiction in the forms of stories, poetry, novels and drama, including Shakespeare, focusing on:

  • Reinforcing reading and comprehension skills learned in previous years.
  • Emphasizing analytical skills through application of literary devices such as plot development, mood, inference and theme.
  • Clarifying word meanings and use dictionary and context clues to increase working vocabulary
  • Recognizing implied meanings through the study of figurative language including simile, metaphor, personification, symbolism and imagery
  • Studying the author’s background and experiences as it influences the text
  • Appreciating author’s word choices and the sound of language to grasp deeper meanings

Further development of written and oral communication:

  • Reinforcing and applying grammar and usage concepts in oral and written expression
  • Enhancing the quality of writing with an emphasis on effective word choice, variations in sentence structure, unity, coherence, and clarity
  • Developing complex multi-paragraph works covering the four writing purposes (narrative, descriptive, expository and persuasive), and shaping them to appeal to a specific audience
  • Practicing the writing process which includes prewriting, organizing, drafting, and publishing, with an emphasis on editing and revising


  • Students are placed in Math classes based on their abilities and a placement test. Levels include:
    • Accelerated
    • Advanced
    • Average
    • Regular
  • Students take Algebra 1 and use a high school Algebra 1 text
  • Concepts covered include: expressions, equations and functions; solving linear equations; graphing linear equations and functions; systems of equations; exponents; polynomials and factoring, quadratic equations, and some geometry
  • Advanced 8th grade students are placed in Geometry
    • Student will use a high school Geometry text
    • Students will learn the following concepts: basic concepts and proofs, congruent triangle, parallel lines and related figures, perpendicularity, right angle theorems, triangle theorems, Pythagorean Theorem, and circle theorems
    • Students also review Algebra 1 concepts


  • Study the life sciences from the smallest of organisms to the complexities of all human body systems. Understand how traits are passed from generation to generation
  • Gain knowledge of how to make healthy and wise nutritional choices
  • Learn to avoid dangerous behaviors such as alcohol, tobacco and drugs

Social Studies

  • Identify significant American history events from the Civil War through present day
  • Participate in Current Event summaries and discussions
  • Understand the goals and workings of the United States Constitution