7th Grade


  • Develop a closer relationship with Jesus through prayer, prayer services, reading Scripture, and reflection notebooks

  • Understand Jesus’ role as teacher, healer, and savior as explained in the New Testaments’ miracles and parables

  • Model Christian behavior for our First Grade Buddies

  • Attend a service project with the Lake Zurich Public Works Department

Literature Language Arts

Use of literature anthology and supplemental large works to study nonfiction and fiction in the forms of stories, poetry, classical mythology, and novels, focusing on:

  • Reinforcing reading and comprehension skills learned in previous years

  • Increasing analytical skills through application of literary devices such as plot development, mood, inference and theme

  • Clarification of word meanings and use dictionary and context clues to increase working vocabulary

  • Recognizing implied meanings through the study of figurative language including simile, metaphor, personification and imagery

  • Studying the author’s background and experiences as it influences the text

Develop more in depth written and oral communication:

  • Application of grammar and usage concepts in oral and written expression, emphasizing more complex sentence structures with an intensive study of phrases and clauses and reinforcing such foundational rules as capitalization and punctuation

  • Developing complex multi-paragraph works covering the four writing purposes: narrative, descriptive, expository and persuasive

  • Practice of the writing process from prewriting to revising and publishing with an emphasis on drafting


  • Students are placed in Math classes based on their abilities and a placement test. Levels include:

    • Grade Level (Math 7)

    • Accelerated (Math 8)

  • Students apply Commom Core standards and covers Rational numbers and equations, proportions and similarity, linear and nonlinear functions, some geometry, and statistics.


  • Structure & Function of Cells; Growth, Development, and Reproduction of Organisms, Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems, Natural Selection and Adaptations

Social Studies

  • Identify significant American historical events from early colonization until the Civil War

  • Review map skills

  • Identify locations of U.S. bodies of water and landforms and explain how they affected people’s lives throughout early American history

  • Read and interpret primary sources and realize that different perspectives shape policy and decisions

  • Understand the goals and workings of the Illinois State Constitution

  • Explore Springfield, IL