5th Grade

Fifth graders, through the family life program, begin learning about their growth and development as human beings, all within the context of our Christian faith. Some of the highlights of the year include the Lorado Taft outdoor education field trip and the presentation to the school and parish of the Living Stations of the Cross.

The skills focused on throughout the year include:


  • Understand basic Bible skills
  • Identify the marks of the church: One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic
  • Understand the seven sacraments of the church

Language Arts

  • The Shurley Method is used to focus and begin to master grammar through a question and answer flow. This would include noun, verb, helping verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, object of the preposition, direct object, indirect object, and predicate noun.
  • Students writing a solid paragraph with a topic sentence, details, and a conculsion. Students then will incorporate transition words within the paragraph for better flow. This will lead to eventually writing multi-paragraph essays.
  • Scott Foresman Reading Street Common Core program encompasses the literary skills such as the 5 Elements of Fiction: 1. Plot, exposition, climax, falling action, resolution; 2. Setting; 3. Character; 4. Point of View and 5. Theme. The series is technology based with a variety of white board activities. A variety of genres are introduced in this series for students to familiarize themselves. There are additional reinforcement activities for comprehension skills


  • Solve number sentences using addition and subtraction of fractions
  • Give the place value for any digit in a decimal through thousandths
  • Develop and apply formulas for area, perimeter, volume, etc. using customary
  • Solve complex equations using multiplication, division, exponents, and order of operations
  • Name and describe shapes


  • Explain friction, magnetism, and gravity and their relationships to our lives
  • Investigate related activities using the process skills of hypothesizing, recording data, observing, inferring, interpreting data, drawing conclusions, comparing, calculating, and investigating
  • Explore basic earth science principles
  • Experience the skills needed to become an inventor
  • Know about our earth’s resources and how to conserve them

Social Studies

  • Students study in their 5th grade year Ancient History
  • Students will incorporate early humans and the agricultural revolution and Mesopotamia through Ancient Egypt, India, China and Rome.
  • Students will have a variety of special features that make history “Come Alive” through technology whiteboard activities, maps, pictures and videos.