4th Grade

Fourth grade students continue to progress in the academic subjects. Advanced level coursework continues to be offered in math. Some of the highlights of the year include being able to participate in Band and an in-depth project on a U.S. state that becomes our annual State Fair.

The skills focused on throughout the year include:


  • Understand the Holy Spirit

  • Study the foundation and history of the Church, focusing on the Commandments and Beatitudes

  • Understand the concept of social justice

Language Arts

  • Spelling – learn phonics, structural, and meaning based words

  • Reading – learn different reading strategies through a host of materials, and broaden vocabulary

  • Learn rules of grammar


  • Understand basic concepts of measurement, number sense, and number relations

  • Collect, organize, and analyze data

  • Use various strategies to problem solve involving all operations

  • Understand basic concepts of fractions


  • Understand the process of inquiry through experiments using the scientific method

  • Understand the concepts in life, physical, and earth sciences

Social Studies

  • Identify the 50 states

  • Describe geographic regions of the US