3rd Grade

The third grade curriculum provides more challenge. While teacher supervision continues to be important, now the students are provided with many opportunities to learn independently and in work groups. They have increased responsibility for the quality of their work. They have opportunities to learn how to manage their time.

The skills focused on throughout the year include:


  • Provide students opportunities to continue in their Catholic faith formation, studying the seven sacraments, our church community, and its leaders
  • Through the lens of the Golden Rule, students examine how to interact in the classroom, school and with families and communities
  • Attend Mass on Wednesdays and an opportunity to plan a Mass
  • Attend First Friday Adoration


  • Pearson Math program used
  • Units covered include: review and extension of addition and subtraction of whole numbers, place value to 100,000; multiplication and division facts, statistics and probability, measurement, time, geometry, multiplying and dividing by 1 digit fractions

Language Arts

  • Scott Foresman Reading Street series used
  • Students continue to develop reading skills through a variety of genres
  • Students make predictions, summarize reading, and answer questions that require analysis, synthesis, and evaluation
  • Writing reflects a growing understanding of formal sentence structure, the four basic types of sentences, and how to use each sentence in written paragraphs
  • Major emphasis is placed on learning to explore and research using technology


  • Learn about scientific method using inquiry to report and results of an investigation
  • Simple machines
  • Physical and chemical properities of matter
  • Participate in experiements and assessments

Social Studies

  • Comparing and contrasting different types of communities, their locations, and their histories
  • Map study skills with an emphasis on the United States