2nd Grade

Second grade is a special time for our students. During the second grade, the children receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion. Additional highlights of the year include reading Flat Stanley and mailing Stanley away for a new adventure, and a special end of the year luncheon with their eighth grade buddies.

The skills focused on throughout the year include:


  • Understand the Holy Trinity

  • Honor Mary as the mother of God and the church

  • Focus on the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist

Language Arts

  • Handwriting – continued practice “Handwriting Without Tears” series. Introduction of cursive letters in preparation for third grade

  • Reading – explore different genres of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry; describe characters, events, and settings in stories; and identify topic or main idea of a story

  • Grammar – practice English grammar, usage and mechanics using the Shurley method

  • Use of technology: IXL.com subscription for practice and enrichment


  • Tell time using an analog clock and be able to calculate elapsed time

  • Count, compare, and order sets of unlike money; show equivalent amounts of money


  • Understand the process of scientific inquiry – ask questions, conduct investigations and experiments, solve problems

  • Understand concepts, principles of life, physical, and earth science

  • Understand how science and technology affect our everyday lives

Social Studies

  • Understand political systems with an emphasis on the United States

  • Understand economic systems with an emphasis on the United States

  • Understand world geography with an emphasis on the United States