1st Grade

First grade is a time to encourage independence and the children’s developing sense of themselves and their relationships with others and God. Some of the highlights of the year include an “All About Me” project, a field trip to the Marriott Theater, a special Mother’s Day Tea and performance, and holiday celebrations. 1st grade has Spanish once a week.

The skills focused on throughout the year include:


  • Learn the content of our Catholic faith and scripture

  • Connect religion to everyday life

  • Attend weekly school Mass

  • Attend First Friday Adoration

Language Arts

  • Practice of oral reading, word recognition skills, phonics, and critical and inferential thinking skills to increase comprehension skills and fluency

  • Practice English grammar, usage, and mechanics of writing

  • Encouragement of proper pencil grip while using the Handwriting Without Tears method of handwriting


  • Single and double addition and subtraction strategies to 20

  • Understanding of whole number relationships and place value

  • Understanding of linear measurement

  • Reasoning about attributes of geometric shapes

  • Understanding of telling time to the hour + 1/2 hour


  • An interactive curriculum with reading, inquiry, and digital components

  • Students move from teacher-directed to student-centered hands on experiences

Social Studies

  • Activity based learning, sparked by digital introductions and supportive video clips

  • Understanding of community, history, American government, cultures, and map skills