Special Programs

In addition to the clubs offered by the school, St. Francis de Sales offers many special programs that benefit the children and offer enriching ways for parents to get involved.

The following activites are run by our parents during school hours:

  • Cultural Arts
  • Volunteer for Art
  • Adopt-A-Book
  • Candy Cane Corners
  • Very Important Person Day
  • Book Fair
  • Artwork of the Month
  • St. Francis Art Gallery - in Church
  • Red Ribbon Week
  • Trilogy Lunches
  • Teacher Lunches

Additionally, these programs are run after school and offer a great way for families as a whole to participate and interact with other families in the school community:

  • Roller Skating Night
  • Movie Night
  • Christmas Concert
  • School Play (Musical)
  • Mother-Son Bowling
  • Father-Daughter Dance
  • Family Ski Trip
  • Family Catholic Experince
  • Ladies Night Out