April 12, 2016

Dear St. Francis de Sales Catholic School Families,

St. Francis de Sales School continues its mission to provide an excellent Catholic faith based education for our students. We value the freedom to discuss faith and morals, to provide a healthy Christian environment and the ability to partake in our faith’s practices such as sacramental preparation, weekly school mass, Eucharistic adoration, prayer services, service projects and the celebration of Holy Days.

We meet and exceed all academic goals for each grade level while we continue to provide enrichment programs that include, Math enrichment, Spanish, Music, Art, and History and Science fairs, spelling bees and speech contests, to name a few. We have competitive athletic programs and we have infused technology throughout the school. As we look forward, we will continue to evaluate STEM programs and introduce these elements into our curriculum as resources permit.

We continue to offer an awesome 8th grade trip to Washington D. C., 7th grade trip to Springfield and other similar trips that provide cultural and learning enrichment for our children.

We have contracted Bright Minds, a Marketing consultant resource, to assist us with evaluating and improving our school’s marketing presence to ensure all families who value a Catholic faith based education from a school with integrity, academic excellence, experienced educators and dedication to service in the community can choose to send their child to St. Francis de Sales School.

The tuition rates for next year, 2016-2017, are provided in the attachment. You will note tuition rates reflect a 3% increase with no additional curriculum fee increase. While our tuition rate remains the lowest Catholic School rate available in the surrounding area, we will continue to be diligent stewards of our resources to ensure we do not continue to grow the $989,760 gap that the parish helps to bridge for the school, to ensure we can continue our mission. The 3% increase is the minimum necessary to absorb the salary increases year over year. This increase does not help to absorb any of the existing financial gap.

We continue to work on ways to reduce expenses and increase school enrollment to help reduce the school’s financial gap and balance the school budget. In case you are wondering, another 150 students in our school would go a long way toward eliminating our school’s financial gap and positively impact those additional 150 lives. We rely on and hope every family is an evangelizer and recruiter and helps spread the good news about St. Francis de Sales School to help grow our family

Your dedication and continued support of our school and parish is appreciated and necessary for us to move forward with the m ission entrusted to us to deliver a Catholic faith based education for all our school families. Thank you.

God Bless,
Father David F. Ryan

Roy Rash

Terry Huels
School Board President